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黃憫樂 Timothy Wong


Wong, Timothy began his piano training at the age of 4. 

Wong attained his LTCL diploma in Piano Recital with distinction under the tutelage of Mr. Li, Geoff-Erik, and has been champion in music competitions such as the 1st Music Twelve Youth Music Competition, the open class of the 2012 Hong Kong Music Competition for Youth Pianists, and the senior open class of the 18th Hong Kong-Asia Piano Open Competition in 2014. 

With the Japan Hong Kong Musicians Alliance Prize (Professional Category Piano Section Intermediate Class), he entered the final round of the 14th Osaka International Music Competition and was awarded the Avenir Prize in the Piano Age-H Category. 

Wong is currently a year 3 music student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong with the Home Affairs Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship, under the guidance of Ms. Nancy Loo.

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