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AT CUHK 2018

Piano Duet

郭朗廷 KWOK Long-ting, Anson


Kwok Long-ting, Anson, a year 2 student at the CUHK Music Department, is currently a piano major studying with Ms. Nancy Loo. Aiming to be an active artist, not only does Kwok take diploma qualifications, but also engages in other social activities, in order to bring the joy of music and art to more people in different areas. For instance, he has been a cellist in social performances by socially organized orchestras, and taken part in musical performances to send positive messages via arts. Kwok is interested in distinct genres in art, ranging from piano performance to orchestral ensembles, from classical music to rock band performances. Apart from his piano and cello studies, Kwok is currently teaching himself bass guitar, in order to expose himself to more musical genres, which is favorable in his innovative creations in the future.


馮韋錡 FUNG Wai-ki, Denis


Fung Wai-ki, Denis is currently a year 1 music major student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He studies piano with Ms. Nancy Loo, and previously with Ms. Cecilia I-ian Long. He has been playing the piano since the age of seven, and has attained an LTCL in Piano Recital with distinction in 2017. He has took part in multiple competitions in Hong Kong, performing piano duet and ensemble repertoire, as well as accompanying in solo groups. He has also gained international exposure as an accompanist in places like Taiwan and Shanghai.

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