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AT CUHK 2018

Piano Quartet

鄧旭誠 Johnson TANG

Tang Yuk-shing is currently studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a year 2 psychology major. Tang started playing the piano at the age of 9, which is a relatively late time for beginning an instrument; yet despite the late start, Tang has made achievements through his effort in practice. Raised in Shenzhen, Tang has studied with passionate piano teachers including Chen Lan, the associate director of the Piano Department in the Shenzhen Art School, and Zhao Mengqi, a young pianist who graduated from the Xinghai Conservatory of Music. Tang has won the first prize in the 5th Shenzhen ‘Liszt’ Piano Competition in 2012 and was invited to give a concert in the Shenzhen Concert Hall with the champions of other groups. As an amateur piano student, Tang has received offers from the Shenzhen Art School and the Guangzhou Art School at the age of 15, which he rejected to pursue his dream of studying in Hong Kong.


陳進謙 Paul CHAN


Paul is a year 2 student in CUHK, with a major in psychology and a minor in music. With his keen interest in playing the violin, he was admitted to the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts Junior Music Programme in Primary 1 under the guidance of Ms. Chu Ang. Since then, Paul has appeared as a soloist and chamber musician at various occasions such as the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, the Bauhinia Cup Strings Competition Hong Kong, the Young Musicians Series, and the Hong Kong Youth Music Camp. Paul received his LTCL in Violin Recital when he was in Form 2.


Apart from his solo experience, Paul has played as a tutti violinist in the 4 junior orchestras of the HKAPA, the string and symphony orchestras of Queen's College, and currently the Pro Arte Orchestra Hong Kong and the Chung Chi Orchestra, CUHK. He has gained chamber experience representing his secondary school in various duet and ensemble group competitions from Form 2 to Form 5. Paul has studied under the tutelage of Ms. Chu Ang, Mr. Ringo Chan, and currently, Ms. Aimee Sung.


葉蔚芊 Tiffany YEH


Tiffany is a year 4 music student in CUHK, majoring in composition. She majors in viola. She has been learning viola from the former viola principal of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta Mr Wong Wai Ming, Dr. Joseph Kam Ho Pang and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Assistant principal violist Mrs Kaori Wilson. Besides, she has been learning violin from the former concertmaster of Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Mr Ngai Ho Chau for 10 years. 

潘思弘 Albus POON

Albus is a year 1 medicine student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  With his passion for playing the cello, he became a member of the string and symphony orchestras of Queen’s College when he was in Form 1.  In the same year, Albus and Paul formed a chamber group with other members, which has won awards in various competitions including the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival and the Bauhinia Cup Strings Competition Hong Kong, and has performed in the Young Musician Series.  This concert marks the beginning of the eighth year of this company on stage.